NetTec NSI Managed Computer Services with Help Desk


NetTec NSI Managed Computer Services with Help Desk

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Welcome to the world of hassle free computing.  Our managed help desk services make owning a computer easy and simple.  We do all of the updating, anti-virus, scanning, monitoring and maintaining for you automatically and intelligently.  If there's anything you need help with, our help desk is there for you to chat or call and get almost instant assistance.  Our certified, Help Desk technicians are here to provide superior customer service and support to you- freeing you to focus on whatever you want to do. 

Monthly subscription includes the following for one device (PC or Mac):

  • Unlimited Help Desk Chat and Calls

  • Intelligently managed updates with monitoring and alerting

  • Managed anti-virus, updates, scans, monitoring

  • LogMeIn Professional

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