"The Digital Dentist" It Could Be Too Good To Be True

If you've been hearing reports of a "so called industry expert" claim to be "the" answer to all of your technology needs, it could be too good to be true.  Whether your business is a dental office, law office, accounting practice or restaurant, you want expertise and when it comes to technology, you want a technology expert.  

Someone who claims that he has 10 years of dental experience does not necessarily understand technology any more than he understands how to engineer the transmission in your SUV.  He has expertise, but it is in dentistry, not in technology.  He may know a lot about the different types of dental software applications and hardware, but does he know enough to keep your data safe? enough to keep intruders out of your system? enough to cloud enable your systems and processes and thereby save you thousands of dollars now and in the future?  We've noticed that he doesn't have what it takes.  We've noticed that he could be making an offer that is too good to be true.

We've noticed that the "industry experts" make a good case in the beginning, but when it comes to successfully implementing identity management, database, backup, security and email systems, they fail and the results are way below what you would experience with the average technology expert.  In one specific situation we observed, a newly installed "industry expert" system was left without many of the protections that we technology experts implement by default, protections like automatic updates, limited accounts and individual user accounts.  These protections are mandated by HIPAA and PCI compliance standards.  Failing these standards could lead to lost revenue and the inability to accept credit cards.  Before you let your practice fall in the hands of someone who claims to be an expert please let us review the promises they make.  They may be "experts" in their field, but we will point out cavities that require real technology expertise to fill.