Why Managed Services?

Sometimes it's difficult for a business owner to understand the benefits of managed services when the owner is focused on cost savings in many aspects of the business.  Advice to cut costs on information systems may even come from what one may consider a trusted adviser like a CPA.  While keeping costs in line with industry standards is important, so is brushing your teeth and making regular visits to the dentist.  

One of our clients, a dentist needed some help in understanding why using our managed services was best for his business.  When asked if he recommended that his patients brushed their teeth and scheduled regular visits with him, he said yes of course.  The mouth is the first part of the digestive system.  Maintaining it is vital to a healthy body and having a nice clean smile and fresh breath is important to one's appearance.  When you properly maintain the systems that feed your business with information, you are taking care of the health of your business.  When you maintain your systems on a regular basis, the appearance of your business is positive as well.  Just think about the times you've been in another business that is obviously having computer problems.  That should never be your business.

Managed services is a term used for the regular maintenance of business information systems.  By subscribing to a managed services agreement, your systems will be regularly maintained with system updates, anti-virus checks, log monitoring, and pro-active solutions to performance issues.  In addition to that, when you do have a problem, unlike when you have a dental problem, you won't have to wait for assistance.  An engineer will be there instantly with remote support, which will save your business by reducing down time.  

When you subscribe to managed services, you also get priority service by trained experts for help with any system project.  These projects might include installations, upgrades, changes, backups, or cloud services.  Sometimes business owners ask an employee to perform maintenance, which may sound like a good idea and one that seems like it could save the business money, but in reality if that employee is untrained, the systems you rely on for documentation, financial reporting, organization, record processing and security of your vital data could be at risk.  With managed services your systems will be configured to run at optimal levels of performance, reliability and security.

Do your business a favor and invest in the benefits of managed services.  The benefits will pay dividends to you, your staff and your business and just like brushing your teeth, it's easy.