Is paying the lowest price to maintain your most precious asset wise?

On a regular basis, we receive many referrals and requests for estimates and proposals. We’re very grateful for all of these opportunities to serve organizations and help them get the most out of their technology. While we get many opportunities, not always are we chosen to provide service and almost always that decision to chose another IT services company came down to cost. We’re definitely not the lowest priced IT services company and we’re definitely not trying to be that either. We think we do an excellent job employing the absolute best resources and planning and implementing correctly without cutting corners when we’re charged with maintaining and protecting a client’s IT assets, typically the most precious assets a client owns. We work hard every day to find and understand what tools and technologies are available to do the absolute best job for our clients. If we see something that needs to be updated or upgraded, we let our clients know and continue to help them move forward with a winning solution. Sometimes an upgrade will cost a client hundreds or thousands of dollars, but in the end those dollars are an investment that pays off many times over in terms of productivity and profit gains.

When you call your geek, does he answer that minute, that hour, that day or that week? We answer almost immediately because we have the resources standing by ready for your call. We are able to remotely help within minutes so your productivity doesn’t suffer and you get back to work.

When we’re helping a client, we’re not just thinking about technology. We think about the client’s business as if it were our own. At NetTec NSI, we’ve built IT systems and businesses. We’ve come from business backgrounds and are highly trained in the world of business and we understand this, unlike the average geek. While the cheapest geek on the street can help install this or update that, do they really understand how technology will make a business profitable? Do they understand the nature of protecting a business’ reputation by keeping private information and systems secure? Will they be there in a crisis to help a business get through and get back to work? We’ve been doing this for over two decades and have helped many clients get the most out of their technology and really have a great experience.

Go ahead and check out our success stories. You’ll see that our clients understand how important investing in their technology can be. You’ll see how you should be investing in your business’ technology too with NetTec NSI IT services.

Others aim to be the cheapest. We aim to be the best.

Better Patch Management with NetTec NSI Managed Services

  • Patches Testing Overview

  • Microsoft Security Patch Testing Overview

  • How NetTec NSI’s NOC Helps You Test and Manage Security Patch Rollups

Patching is an important service we provide to clients to help keep their software secure, up-to-date, and running efficiently. However, new patches often cause issues with existing applications, which can create additional work for your team and result in lost productivity. To avoid these problems, our NOC thoroughly tests new patches before deploying them.

To help reduce the number of issues experienced when installing Microsoft’s monthly security patch rollup, our NOC technicians conduct extensive testing to identify any errors and conflicts with existing applications so we can provide a more efficient and comprehensive patching service to our clients.

Below is an overview of our Windows security rollup patch testing process:

Day 1: Patch Tuesday

Microsoft releases their monthly security patch rollup on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month. At this time, we delay the installation of this rollup for two weeks to thoroughly test how the installation impacts common business applications.

Note: Patch rollup is only delayed if the security updates/Delay for NOC Testing option is enabled in the patch policy. In addition, any identified zero-day patch follows the same patch policies designated for security updates, but the testing period is expedited to seven calendar days (rather than 14).

Day 11: Patch Testing Report Published

Eleven days after Patch Tuesday, we publish a report in our Doc Center listing any identified issues and, if applicable, providing steps to avoid or remediate the issue. This report also includes any previously blacklisted patches included in the monthly rollup.

Day 14: Patch Rollup Released

Fourteen days after the patch rollup is made available, it is marked as NOC Tested and made available for download and installation according to existing patch policies.

Note: If significant and/or extensive issues are found with the patch rollup, NetTec NSI may delay the release of that rollup past Day 14 to provide us with more time to prepare and to minimize the impact on end clients.

The Benefits of Patch Rollup Testing

Patch management can be a very time-consuming process for both MSPs and end clients. By delaying the installation of Microsoft’s monthly security patch rollup, our team is able to extensively test the different patches within the rollup on your behalf—helping us identify and remediate issues before they happen and provide a better overall patching service to our clients.

Additionally, delaying the installation provides other software vendors with time to release updates that fix known issues, giving us a better chance at avoiding additional problems altogether.

Our job as an MSP is to minimize our clients’ technology issues so that they can keep their business running smoothly. With NetTec NSI’s patch testing process, you don’t just have a patch management tool; we have a complete team that enables us to provide a better patching service to our clients.

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Securely Run and Grow Your Business

As technology has become increasingly accessible and mobile, growing numbers of employees have begun linking up their work accounts to their personal devices, sometimes even without the employer's knowledge. The task of keeping company data secure can quickly become complicated. Microsoft 365 lets you manage your company information even on personal devices. The system works behind the scenes to keep data secure, ensure compliance, and automatically detect and act upon suspicious activities, allowing you and your customers peace of mind.