NetTec NSI
Network and IT Consulting

Business technology is very different than home or residential technology.  To get the most out of business systems, to make sure them run well, and to minimize downtime and delays, a business needs a technical expert or team of experts.  NetTec NSI engineers and specialists love technology and are experts in what they do.

Do you want an expert to advise you on one of the most important assets in your business?

Do you have a need for specialized hardware or software skills that are unavailable internally at your business? 

Has your company recently downsized or planned downsizing and need to have continuity in your systems maintenance, updates, and processes? 

Do you have a temporary project that requires excellence and you want to avoid HR costs? 

Then you need to hire NetTec NSI IT Consultants. What that means is you need practical advice from a person who understands your workflow and process. As an IT Consultant, we take the time to know your business and how today's technology can work for you. We have been giving computer and network advice to businesses since 1995.  We are trusted advisers to many business owners and operators.  We have helped businesses of many sizes analyze, design, architect, procure, build, install, configure, monitor, maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot, re-purpose, decommission, recycle, and destroy their systems as needed.  We've been Microsoft Partners since 1997, earned the Microsoft Certified Partner Competency for Hosting Solutions, Security Solutions, Networking Infrastructure Solutions, and certified in Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community Competency. We have worked with a large number and variety of clients and industry software, hardware, network, vendors so we would love to hear about your project or situation and discuss how we can help. 

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You may not be familiar with the process of hiring an IT Consultant so we'll explain it.

  1. Client Seeks Assistance - typically a client seeks our assistance first. We don't actively solicit businesses, but are referred to new clients from existing clients and receive inquiries from our website. We are very selective about the businesses we choose to serve and that is so that we can maintain the highest level of services to our clients. At this point in the process, we will ask for contact information and a basic description of the issues or challenges that the client is seeking to resolve and overcome.

  2. Initial Engagement - after a client contacts us we follow up to gather more detailed technical information about the client's IT challenges. Depending on the situation, level of complexity and available documentation, at this stage, we recommend that the client establish a NetTec NSI IT Service agreement and perform a NetTec NSI Network Assessment. When a client and NetTec sign a service agreement, we become an extension of the client's business, a virtual IT department that can provide turnkey services for building, managing and maintaining the client's technology.

  3. Network Assessment - in this phase our technical experts are involved with the client to gather detailed technical information about the client's technology. A Network Assessment can have multiple levels of analysis but at a minimum it will be a Basic Network Assessment. Other Network Assessment options include: Microsoft Exchange, HIPPA and detailed security assessments. The Network Assessment phase is concluded by a thorough review with key client business leaders to discuss the findings and prepare next steps.

  4. System Design - in the System Design phase, we provide the client with the strategy and estimated costs for moving their network and technology from its current state to the planned state.

  5. System Implementation - We implement the system design strategy as provided in the System Design phase. This phase is typically spread across multiple specific technology implementations and upgrade stages.

  6. System Monitoring and Management - When we enter this phase, we provide Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services and IT Support for all servers, computers, mobile devices and network equipment plus we schedule and provide quarterly, bi-annual or annual technology reviews for our clients. This is an ongoing process that lasts for the entire lifecycle of our agreement.

Sign up today...Hire an expert not just a geek!