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Managed Services - The New IT Support

Traditional IT Support

Traditionally businesses either have in house or paid external consultants to help them with their IT (Computer) support.  This kind of service worked for many years as computers went from application specific systems like accounting and engineering to client server.  When the internet became ubiquitous in business computing, several things changed and thus the way businesses care for, secure and maintain their systems has changed.  When businesses owned and operated 100% of their network and systems, having an internal IT support team manage and maintain it was fairly straight forward.  All of the inputs and outputs were known.  When a big project happened, the business would request the services of an outside IT consultant to help where their own expertise or ability fell short.  When businesses hire outside services for such projects, their costs go up in relation to the timing of the project.  Several years ago nearly all businesses connected their systems to the internet and many unknown and uncontrollable issues like malware, hacking, denial of service, certificate services, domain name services, and others changed the demands put on the businesses' IT support.  To address all of these issues, businesses are looking for a new way to manage and maintain their computer systems.

Managed Services - The New IT Support

The good news is there is a new way.  The new way is called Managed Services.  With managed services, a business can outsource the management and maintenance of their systems to a team of experts for a fixed fee per system per month.  The managed services system updates and secures the systems so that the business can focus on their business and not have to focus on the systems and IT support issues.  

Managed services is the way modern businesses can keep their business computer systems and networks up to date, secure and virus and malware free.  Managed services is a reliable way to secure a business system and get IT support for your computers and networks at a predictable cost.  It's the new IT Support.