Time for Technology

As a business decision maker, you're frequently making decisions. Technology purchasing decisions are one of these decisions that some business owners avoid.  While you may be busy and it may seem like dealing with an upgrade of your servers or a move to cloud computing will be a huge interruption to your business, avoiding the conversation won't make it go away.  You may only be delaying a very painful experience.  Imagine how busy you are now and then close your eyes and imagine all of your business computers stopped, not working, unable to help retrieve, store and process vital information for you.  How busy would you be then?

The best way to avoid that catastrophic situation is to make sure your systems are well monitored, managed and maintained.  The service that best handles this is called RMM or Remote Management and Monitoring.  With RMM, you can rest easy knowing that these things are being taken care of for you.  Your focus doesn't have to be IT, it can be your business.  Now is the Time for you to focus on Technology.  

Go through this list to understand when it is Time for Technology:

  1. Understand compliance rules and regulations.  If you don't know the rules and don't know if you're in compliance, it's time.
  2. Contact a technology expert for help.  If you can't resolve out a technical problem, don't have time to make it work right, get frustrated when things aren't working properly, it's time.
  3. Follow up with your key employee, IT guy or technology services provider.  If your employees, IT guy, or technology provider aren't giving you the results you want out of your system, it's time.
  4. Avoid putting off critical upgrades, implementations, migrations and IT purchases because they might be expensive.  The cost of not doing them may exceed any cost of doing them. If you feel like your system is vulnerable, behind on updates, or too expensive to maintain correctly, it's time to ask an expert.  
  5. You may be too busy, but think about how busy you'll be if your computers suddenly would not work.  At that point it will definitely be time, but if you act now, you will avoid unnecessary costs, confusion and frustration.